The Sam Lamantia Founder’s Award was established in 2019 and is available exclusively for the members of the National Courage House Support Network for Kids. The first prize of a $10,000 grant and the second prize of a $1,500 grant is awarded annually to two facilities to support a specific program that directly benefits the well-being of the children they serve.

Over the past four years the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation has supported various initiatives across the country including:

  • Music Therapy Program in Seattle, WA
  • Mobile Computer Lab in Los Angeles, CA

2021 Winners

1st Prize

Gateway Longview

In 2021, the Buffalo Bills Courage House, Gateway Longview, was selected to provide necessary funding for the remodel of their campus Therapeutic Lodge in Williamsville, New York. The project will be a vocational experience that is designed to provide exposure to and teach the youth skills associated with various trades, e.g., roofing, windows, electrical and landscaping. The program will be a hands-on experience for the youth who will be learning from Gateway Longview’s skilled maintenance team and tradesmen.

Once the work is completed, the rehabbed space will become an area for a holistic approach for recreational programming and activities, in particular, by providing individual and small group activities and a therapeutic visitation area for youth and their families. The goal is to utilize the space for art therapy, nature trails, yoga, mindfulness and spiritual life sessions while connecting with nature in a calming, peaceful and safe space.

2nd Prize

Rickey Jackson Community Hope Foundation

The New Orleans Saints Courage House, Rickey Jackson & Friends Community Hope Center, was awarded the second prize to help fund their Read-to-Succeed Program.