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The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the well-being of abused, neglected and at-risk children throughout our Courage House National Support Network for Kids. Through our partnership with the National Football League, the Foundation cultivates awareness at each Courage House and helps to raise funds for their programs and initiatives.

Our Vision is to break the cycle of abuse and neglect and to lay the foundation for generations of safe and nurturing families.


Houston Texans Courage House Dedication


Texans Dedicate YMCA as Official Courage House

The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation, which improves the lives of abused, neglected and at risk children through their 23 courage houses around the country, added another house to its list Tuesday, November 10th.

The foundation, along with the Houston Texans, dedicated the Houston Texans YMCA as the official courage house of the Houston Texans. The facility becomes the 24th member of the National Courage House Support Network for kids across the NFL. The foundation, which began 38 years ago, hopes to have a courage house in each NFL city by 2017.

 “The courage house is a great way to interact with kids in the community, to support them and give them everything they need to be successful”, said tackle David Quessenberry, who was voted the 2014 Ed Block Courage Award winner by his teammates.

The award recognizes a player’s extra efforts both on and off the field and their ability to overcome great adversity. Quessenberry battled through chemotherapy after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma over a year ago.

The dedication came with a $10,000 donation from the foundation to the YMCA, as well as a special courage house plaque. Most touching of all, however, was when Quessenberry received a special gift from kids that thanked him for being a courage hero.

“That’s always special,” Quessenberry said. “When they give you a hand-made, hand-painted award, that’s something that will be one of my most prized possessions. I can’t wait to put that up in my apartment just as a reminder that you are more than just a football player around here. You are much more than that.”

Houston Texans and Courage House Foundation



Jacksonville Jaguars Courage House Dedication


The Jacksonville Jaguars Announces the Jaguars/Ed Block Courage House Award to Neighbor To Family

DAYTONA BEACH, FL —   The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation announced that Neighbor To Family has been chosen to be the Jaguars/Ed Block Courage House award recipient. Neighbor To Family, headquartered in Daytona Beach, FL, with offices in Jacksonville, specializes in keeping sibling groups together. The award was presented at a special luncheon on Oct. 13 at Daytona International Speedway.

Jacksonville Jaguars Team President Mark Lamping, Neighbor To Family President/CEO Gordon Johnson and Ed Block Courage Award Foundation Director of Community Relations Brett Dickinson were joined by Jaguars Defensive Tackle Roy Miller, a 2009 Courage Award recipient, alumni Richard Collier, a 2009 Courage Award recipient, members of The ROAR cheerleaders and JAXSON De Ville to mark this special occasion.  A $10,000 charitable gift from the Ed Block Courage Foundation was presented to Neighbor To Family during the ceremony.

“Neighbor to Family’s unique and inspiring work to keep siblings together is a very important issue that we graciously support and their track record of family reunification is a model for the nation,” stated Mark Lamping, President of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Neighbor To Family was founded with the notion to revolutionize foster care by keeping siblings together while building healthier families and stronger communities. More than 70% of children placed in foster care have siblings and are often times further traumatized when separated from their brothers and sisters after being removed from their homes.  Neighbor To Family, co-founded by Gordon Johnson and his wife, work with trained foster parents who specialize in caring for 3 or more children. They and the professional staff work diligently with the biological parents for family reunification whenever possible.

“This partnership marks the joining of three organizations determined to improve the lives of abused and neglected children and their families at a level greater than any could attain alone, “Johnson said.

A Courage House is a facility or program that provides support and quality care for abused children and their families in a community where an NFL franchise is affiliated with the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation. On a nation-wide basis, the Foundation has formed a Courage House National Support Network for Kids through the dedication of Courage Houses in 25 NFL cities.  Also every year, one football player from each partnering NFL franchise is recognized by his peers as a Courage Award recipient in recognition of their professionalism, great strength, dedication and exemplary characteristics as a community role model.  They are honored at a special gala held by the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation in Baltimore, MD.

Ed Block is remembered as one of the most educated athletic trainers of his day. He was recognized for significant contributions in the tireless manner in which he gave of himself to help improve the lives of children. He stood for courage and championed the cause of those who displayed that characteristic. His work and philosophy continues today through the Foundation that bears his name.  Athletic trainers from teams across the nation help in fundraising efforts to support the Ed Block Courage Foundation.

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